Equipped Tool HUD

Decided suddenly to add a tiny HUD to show which tool your player has equipped. Still a bit buggy as of 04/15/15.


Milaine Furniture Shop

Updated map! Before and after:

Happy Field’s New Composer

Let us welcome a new member of the development team:

Christopher Glass (cwglassmusic)

He will be composing songs for Happy Field, and here are the ones we have of him now:

“Andy or Nana?” Character Selection theme

“Blushing Hearts” Theme for a Rival’s heart event

Very excited to have more of his musical pieces. I’m going to have to set up a page for all of the soundtracks to be used for the game. An endless thanks also to our earlier Happy Field music composers:

  • John Kadow
  • Kaptain J
  • Tristan Wong

HF OST: “Hey, Townspeople”

Hi everyone! I was playing around Mixcraft 6 today and happened to come up with this tune, which I’m probably going to use in Happy Field. Let me know what you think of it! (Although please excuse me if there are errors because I’m not a real musician and I really focus more on the graphics part than the music itself hihi)

Speaking of which, in the next posts I’m going to announce a new member of the development team and he will be composing songs for Happy Field. He’s done a really great job so far, and I will also probably create a new page to highlight the original soundtracks to be used for the game. Please stay tuned!

Milaine Furniture Shop


I managed to modify the Decoration Script by Sinmora (xBrokenSin) by turning it into a shop. It’s about 99% complete if it weren’t for that pesky little box down there with the “…” text. It’s supposed to display how many he/she has in possession of a certain item but I couldn’t manage to draw it out from @item_storage. I’ll get back to it when I get home from school.

Edit: I got myself to fix this with a tiny mod! I didn’t immediately realize that the furniture pushed into the array with the @item_storage was separate from the original list of all furniture available in the hash, so they had different id’s/indexes altogether. Anyway, I’m just rambling. I’m just going to leave this little script here for myself in case I’d need it for future reference:

script for possession window

11And, of course, this is just going to be another placeholder map which I will be working on next.

New Faceset – Mila

milawip Hurray! We’ve completed another face bust for one of the marriage candidates in Happy Field – Mila. She works with Blaine in Milaine Furniture Shop and she will be selling 4-5 different kinds of house decor for your home everyday. (Also varies every season.)


Here’s the old face graphic from 3 years ago.

Mila © Alim Abas | Limmoh

Farming System demo

Sorry for the low quality video, our internet is being stinky so I needed to cut down the file size as much as I could. Anyway, this is the tentative farming system as inspired by Rune Factory/Harvest Moon games.

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